Business Jet Market Insights

Business Jet Market Insights by Michael Barber: “Looking Back and Moving Forward in the Business Jet Market: A Stabilizing New Normal with Continued Demand and Low Inventory Levels.”

New Senior Flight Control Specialist – Casey Barr

Leviate Air Group expands its operations team with the addition of Casey Barr as Sr. Flight Control Specialist. Based in Dallas, Casey will be working within the Operations Division to ensure logistical certainty as he manages day-to-day operations.

Leviate Air Group Expands East Coast Office

Leviate Air Group expands its East Coast Office with the addition of Brandon Steele as Regional Vice President of Aircraft Sales, Florida. Based in Tampa, Steele will be working closely with Michael Barber, Regional Vice President of Aircraft Sales, East Coast.

There Are Heroes Among Us

Michael, who is a trained Medic/Firefighter, was sitting in the emergency exit row behind the passenger, and he immediately jumped into action. While assessing the passenger’s condition, Michael requested the MedAire kit from the flight attendants.

How to Import a Pre-Owned Business Jet

Leviate Jet Sales will help you find the aircraft that fits your mission. Even if it means importing it. Given the current market, Importing might be your best option. Read on to learn what it takes to import an aircraft and how Leviate Jet Sales can help you accomplish this with ease.

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