The Dos and Don’ts of Private Jet Travel

When most people think of air travel, they picture crowded terminals, long lines at security checkpoints, endless rules about luggage and carry-on content, and finding available flights at the correct times and locations to get them where they need to be. But there’s another way to fly. Private jets offer far more than commercial airline flights,…

5 US cities to visit by private jet this autumn

Traveling using a private charter is an exciting and innovative experience everyone should list down in their bucket list. The luxurious and exclusive adventure is incomparable to any other mode of travel, with soothing cabin ambiance and customized services to cater to your specific needs. With the month of October fast approaching, autumn is just around the…

The Best Summer Resorts Visited By Private Jet

Private air travel provides a luxurious and exclusive flight experience that is just not matched by run-of-the-mill commercial airlines. The relaxing cabin atmosphere alongside the personally oriented service structure makes journeys across the globe an experience rather than simply a mode of transportation. However, one feature of this deluxe approach to travel that is often…

Charter a Private Jet to These 5 Spectacular Beaches

While summer might be simmering down in your location, there is always a place in the world to have a warm vacation getaway. But where to go? With a private jet, the world is your oyster, and having access to the best beaches in the world is simply a charter away. Visiting a spectacular beach…

Why Private Jets are Best for City Living

The difference between private aircraft flights and commercial airlines comes down to convenience and flexibility. With Leviate Air Group, your charter will fly on your schedule to an international or domestic destination of your choice. Our private charters can land on major and general aviation airports, providing access to more destinations over scheduled airline service….

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