Why Private Jets are Best for City Living

The difference between private aircraft flights and commercial airlines comes down to convenience and flexibility. With Leviate Air Group, your charter will fly on your schedule to an international or domestic destination of your choice. Our private charters can land on major and general aviation airports, providing access to more destinations over scheduled airline service….

Considerations When Flying Private

Flying in a private jet charter should be about the client, whereas flying commercial, even first class, is about the airline that the client uses. Flying with Leviate Air Group is a very luxurious and convenient way to travel. You can fly a private jet charter wherever and whenever you desire as long as it…

The Safety of Flying on Private Jets

How Safe Are Private Jets? People charter private jets for many different reasons.  Flying on a private jet is a luxurious and convenient way to travel, both for leisure and business. Corporations fly private for security purposes. Celebrities fly charter flights to seek privacy. Even the U.S. government flies them. And one of the most…

Traveling with Pets

Unconditional Love on a Private Jet Charter Wouldn’t all flights be better if pets were allowed onboard? With commercial airlines seemingly tightening up or changing their regulations every day, many people are turning to pet friendly private jet charters as an easy way to fly with our loyal companions right at our side. Commercial airlines…

Private Jet vs Commercial Airline Safety

If you have ever flown or thought about flying a private charter, you have likely asked yourself the question: how safe are private jets? Also, how to private jets stack up against commercial airlines when it comes to safety? At Leviate Air Group, we care deeply about private jet safety, as it is an area…

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