Michael Barber
Regional Vice-President - Aircraft Sales
Michael Barber comes to Leviate Jet Sales with extensive knowledge and a passion for the aviation industry. Michael grew up flying in North Carolina thanks to his father’s best friend, a pilot for US Airways. Michael has assisted in launching multiple boutique aviation consulting firms. He has worked in Business Development, where he oversaw acquisition feasibility studies, private charters, and market research.
Michael studied Business at Liberty University, with a focus on International Business. His aviation knowledge, coupled with his passion for helping people, makes him a great asset to the Executive Sales Team as he finds the best aircraft that most satisfies his client’s needs.
Based out of Charlottesville, Virginia, Michael lives in the middle of Virginia’s wine country where he spent a decade working as a Professional Medic/Firefighter.
Husband and father, Michael and his family, have a passion for the outdoors and love vacationing in tropical terrains.

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