Leviate Air Opening Up The Skies

Private jet chartering can be a daunting prospect for the uninitiated.
With the seemingly endless plethora of options out there,
and with upfront fees sometimes climbing as high as $100,000, the
decision to upgrade to private aircraft travel can be wrought with
psychological obstacles. But a fresh, young company has burst onto
the scene and is intent on not only shaking things up, but making
private charter aviation a more accessible, more approachable
concept. In the company’s own words, Leviate Air aims to
It’s a tall order to bring down the barriers of entry in the private
aircraft market, but if anyone is capable of the feat, it’s the energetic
and spirited duo behind Leviate Air.
Late last year, the Dallas-based aviation company upped the ante
in the global aircraft charter game by rolling out a series of innovative
charter programs to supplement their already renowned service
and offerings. Perhaps most notably, their flyNEXT program, the
industry’s first equity-building pay-as-you-go jet card, allows new
clients to start chartering private aircraft with very little money
upfront while receiving guaranteed hourly rates and no aircraft
positioning fees. It’s a radical idea, considering the traditional jet
card model requires an individual to pay upfront fees of $50,000 to
$100,000 to access an hourly jet card. Leviates’s new program allows
clients to pay for services only as they require them. “flyNEXT is
a program that we’re all very excited about at Leviate,” says Luis
Barros, Leviate Air’s CEO and co-founder. Barros, who
is seemingly always handsomely dressed, believes shaking things
up is a true path to success in an increasingly crowded market.
“On-demand charter is everyone’s bread and butter. We wanted to
do something new,” he adds

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