Private Jet vs Commercial Airline Safety

If you have ever flown or thought about flying a private charter, you have likely asked yourself the question: how safe are private jets? Also, how to private jets stack up against commercial airlines when it comes to safety? At Leviate Air Group, we care deeply about private jet safety, as it is an area we are constantly working on.

In truth, both private jets are commercial airlines are very safe. That is not to say accidents never happen, but whether you’re flying a private jet charter or commercial flight, you’ll be safer than driving a car. Across the aviation industry as a whole, most accidents come when an aircraft is being controlled by inexperienced pilots, who may not know the controls as well or be more likely to panic under pressure.

Private Jet Safety Belts | Leviate Air GroupPrivate Jet Safety with Leviate Air Group

At Leviate Air Group, we take great pride in screening our pilots and crew to make sure they are among the leaders in the industry. On the off chance that anything would go wrong with the aircraft, our pilots have the skill and expertise to keep the plane and all of the passengers safe. Before we fly, we are sure to check all conditions that could impact flying, including the weather conditions, runway length, and the altitude we will be flying. Our pilots know what to expect from each flight before we take off.

One advantage for private jet charters compared to commercial flights is that because the plane is smaller, a smaller area is needed to land. In the rare chance of an emergency occasion, a private charter will have more options to land the plane safely.

The safest private jet is one that is in great condition, with all parts working correctly. This is why before every single flight, we perform a 110+ point inspection of our planes. This helps to catch any small problems before they become bigger problems, and ensures that everything is in proper working order before the plane takes off. The biggest danger to any plan is some type of engine or major part malfunction, and we do absolutely everything possible to make sure that does not happen.

Private Jet Charter in Dallas

Leviate Air Group is a private jet company in Dallas with a reputation for excellence, safety, and providing an outstanding experience. For anyone who with a private jet rental from us, we know you are putting your life in our hands, and we appreciate that responsibility. That is why our record on safety is impeccable, and all of our customers complete their flight with a memorable, enjoyable experience.

If you are looking to charter, buy, or sell a private jet, contact us today to let us know how we can assist you. Let us use our expertise help you with all of your needs.

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