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Horizon Air Group is a premier private jet charter company in Dallas, committed to redefining VIP aircraft charter experience. Experience luxury private jet with modern amenities, such as in-flight entertainment systems, Wi-Fi connectivity, lounge areas, and private bedrooms. We aspire to make every flight a memorable experience that lingers on for years to come. Devoting undivided focus to safety, luxury and convenience, we are a one-stop destination to hire premium luxury private jets.

Why Fly “VIP”?


Renting a private jet saves you from the never-ending queues at check-in and other security clearances. Available on-demand, luxury business jets have a dedicated take-off area, and therefore, you do not need to have to go through multiple clearances to board the flight.


Most private jets, especially small-cabin ones, do not need a large airstrip to take-off or land. These luxury private aircrafts have enhanced reach, which makes it possible for you to reach remote locations that are otherwise inaccessible by commercial aircraft.


All luxury aircraft companies follow highly stringent safety and maintenance norms, and have in-house maintenance teams to check jets before every takeoff and after landing. Many providers also maintain a liability insurance  on their aircraft.

Why Choose Horizon?

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Whatever your private aviation needs, the experts at Horizon always have the perfect solution. To learn more about our VIP air rental services, fill out our contact form or call us at 877.709.0667.

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